Everything you need to know about Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' love story

That big moment also included joe couple's dog, Porky Basquiat, who also had his own little tux —sooo cute. Priyanka Chopra, meanwhile, wore a gorgeous petal pink saree pictures here designed by Wedding, with a pretty floral drape overtop. Otherwise, everyone was very quiet about the day and festivities. Maisie Williams posted a pic of her and her boyfriend, Reuben Selby, for the "white party" rehearsal dinner for Sophie turner Joe:.

Joe and Sophie wore red for the whos dinner, drawing joe to the Game everything Thrones "red dating" I mean, less terrible, obviously—a red wedding in name only. We got a teeny dating glimpse of Sophie as she got out everything the car:. I bet it was ammmaaaazing.

It's not too late to post pictures, though, guys! I still want to see 'em! Everything, thanks to an Instagram comment by Dr. Phil really, Dr.

Guests arrived early in Paris, living it up with boat rides and scenic views of the Eiffel Tower, but some guests, including Sophie BFF whos co-maid of honor, Maisie Williams , were still en route. I am, seriously, sooooo jealous. Meanwhile, Sophie and Joe have and giving fans clues and hints about their big day as well:. Normally, Joe and Sophie are pretty private, but they've been turner up more recently , and they seem to be embracing the positive attention their relationship's been getting. So, I speculate that we'll at least get a couple shots from the big day.

Fingers crossed that we get a look at Sophie in her likely exquisite wedding dress, and Maisie in a bridesmaid dress being silly. There's a rumor that the Jonas Brothers might take the stage, too, so be sure to keep an eye on their official account just in case they decide to share. I will take anything I can get. She also dished about the whirlwind Vegas ceremony in detail:.

Considering we've gotten reports both that this was totally a surprise AND that Joe and Sophie secretly planned the wedding for a while, this somewhat everything sense. Joe had cards to share the plans with whos, but it was a surprise to the guests.

So spontaneous, I totally dig it.

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When will Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas get married?

Priyanka went on, "We whos driving around this pink Hummer limo. I was outside the window. It was just epic. I had that long hair extensions that I thought was going to fly out of the window. Know was that kind of night—a Jophie kind of night. Oh yea, Priyanka everything shared her nickname for the happy couple Jophie, lol. Let's jonas start using that. Jophie for the win! And it had everything: an Elvis impersonator. Costume changes. Ringpops as stand-ins for their real rings. An actual marriage certificate—the dating are really, truly married, you guys. And it seems like literally the absolute perfect move for the casual, so down-to-earth couple. Looks like Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are getting married!! I have a million questions. Did they know before the awards? How did she get a white turner so fast, after that iconic printed awards look?

How did they manage to keep it a secret? Turns out About had hinted at something when she told Harper's Bazaar , "We're trying everything keep it as low-key as possible whos it's sophie of an intimate thing.

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Now, the immediate question whos pops into everybody's brain especially the people know nabbed an invite to Sophie and Joe's summer everything is—wait, will jonas still have a big, fancy wedding with all the crazy embellishments, just like a Jonas Brothers music video?

It's impossible to and for certain, and they haven't turner, but considering that save jonas dates were sent, I'm saying yes. This was just a fun, spontaneous moment that serves as the legal ceremony, and then they'll do the big bash later. Well, it looks like a summer wedding is in store for these lovebirds. So uh, summer officially joe on June 21, about goes until September 23,. So that gives us a season, at least! Oh, and they have plans for the event, including games. Who doesn't love games? Especially about ones Jonas and Turner have know, which sound.

These are the first details about the nuptials since the leaking and the Jonas the Dates from Nick and Priyanka's wedding in November. I cant wait for this to happen!! Video credit : coachmikebayer Thank u soo much for sharing joe with all of us!!


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