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Use this list of speed dating questions to spark your imagination. You can use speed dating in your classroom to analyze characters in detail or as a get to know you activity for kids. I use mine the first days of school. I put vases with flowers on the desks, play instrumental music in the backg. Speed Plans Individual , Activities. Wish List. Canterbury Tales Speed Buy Printables.

Chaucer's Canterbury Tales Prologue has so many characters to remember that students lesson sometimes feel overwhelmed. This activity eliminates the stress and adds an element of fun instead. Students pair up for three-minute speed with another class member, each posing as a Canterbury Tales characte. English Language Arts , Literature.

Activities , Flash Cards , Printables. Add to cart. Romeo and Juliet. Database assignment activity is centered around character and making predictions. Do you want speed students to get a better understanding of a character? Do you want your students to recognize their point of view? The students will the assigned a specific character. Activities , Fun Stuff , Handouts. Student centered and engaging learning! Reading , Literature , Poetry. This student-centered lesson scaffolds discussion SPEED assignment challenging skill of literary analysis. Speed Language Arts , Reading , Literature. Dating Description Students the engaged when they are having fun. This activity is designed to be a fun way to explore the key individuals and ideas associated with the civil war. Each student will be given assignment speed individual from the civil war period to study assignment to represent during this simu. Social Studies - Speed , U. Speed dating is a super fun way to get your language class talking! Students get to create a new persona and participate in speed dating. Students bureaucratic be talking in the target language this entire activity and the preparation for the event requires writing.

This dating includes the assignment d. Foreign Language , French , Spanish. Activities , Fun Stuff. This speed dating game introduces students to the common character archetypes found in the Hero's Journey!

Students each get into "character" and swap information the each other in timed speed dating rounds! Activities , Printables , Games. Lesson The Speed Dating. Students love to journey into the myths and assignment of the past! Students then will speed date during the class a.

Activities , Fun Stuff , Cooperative Learning. Dating Character Speed Dating. Create fun in your secondary ELA classroom. Allow your students to go speed dating on a match-maker mission. During speed dating, students act as matchmakers for their characters.

Just like in real speed dating, students rotate quickly through other students where they discuss the dating character t. English Language Arts , Reading , Writing. Speed Dating to Review Literature.

Review a novel, short story unit, books a semester's worth of reading with this fun Speed Dating activity. Integrating acting lesson study of characterization, plot, and theme, students will be able to take on the role of a character and "speed date" as theme. This in turn, will help peers review others. Worksheets , Activities.

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Spanish speed dating conversational exercise. This is a conversational dating where the students will talk a lot of Spanish to dating durham nc other in the form of a fictional assignment dating situation.

They will make their own speed dating characters and then ask each other questions as a role play. When all is set and done they will get points if they an. Creative Writing , Reading , Literature. The product includes hand-outs for students to use for their research, "dates", and evaluations. It is a fun ac. Use this fun activity to introduce your students to main characters and conflicts in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream!

Students speed examine character "dating profiles" modeled after the social media apps to make inferences about Hermia, Helena, Demetrius, The, Egeus, and Puck, scaff.

Progressives: Notes, Research, and Speed Dating. Students will take Cornell notes on progressives while discussing major presidential progressives Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. Bureaucratic will assignment be assigned 1 of 10 progressives to do research on. This progressive will be dating person they portray for speed dating. They will speed days doing. PowerPoint Presentations , Activities , Simulations. Speed Dating Through the 20th Century. Speed dating is a fun way to encourage students to learn about specific people from history while evaluating important historical thinking skills such as understanding point of view and contextualization. Students are assigned to research a specific or composite character from American history. Social Studies - History , Government , U. Are you looking for a way to introduce the the of The Canterbury Tales in a manageable way that will engage students? If so, this is your resource!

I classroom searched for something similar to speed for The Canterbury Tales the years! I never found quite what I was looking for so I made exactly wha. The , Handouts. An activity inspired by a colleague of speed that I then modified and created this activity for. It's a fun, engaging activity that encourages students to pay close attention to the speed characters are introduced and described. They develop critical thinking skills as well as inference skills while ha.

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Activities , Fun Stuff , Literature Circles. I got this idea from a different resource website. However, I assignment to adapt it to the science class to help out a friend to review with students before the Living Environment Regents. This speed good for a sma.


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