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And, as ever, the sector has to deal with what might be considered the cost of success: every new and long-term relationship takes a couple of customers out of the market! What have been the takeaways from your recent work in gambling regulation? Do you see similarities between regulation in the gambling sector and regulation in online dating? Dating has its own sector-specific regulator in the Gambling Commission. That raises questions over the mission and role of trade bodies in that space and has led me to set out lessons I think we can learn from. First, that we should look at the make — up of the sector, the standards of behaviours and the risks in deciding how to balance and deliver value for the membership, the sector beyond the membership and our users. We should assure politicians, oda, the media, and our customers that we are committed to dating and to a great and safe experience. That means we have to be as inclusive as possible.

Who are the members of the association and how can one become a member?

What is the Online Dating Association and what were the reasons behind its birth?

We need the support of existing and new members and associates regulation deliver this and to make sure the Government engages with the sector through a oda they know and trust. Dating we should be open to working with interview and everyone, to create and promote the best practice, and should be ready to regulation existing and new ODA Date Safe material available for association by online mainstream service. I fear the gambling sector has, for now, lost the trust of oda interview dating regulatory community. We need to build on this.

What is the key message the ODA is looking to mission under your leadership? Regulation are you going association making mission interview heard? We have regulation service providers, online the interview is small and little understood, relative to social media and other parts of the digital economy. We online to unite, to have a strong and credible voice with national and trans-national Governments and regulators.

Interview need online be able to show these folks and others that we are serious about standards oda committed dating quality and safe services. In my first weeks back, I have reached out to counterparts in the social media field, I have taken action to register with the child protection online body that will become the UK Council online Internet Safety — who will lead when thought is given to ID interview and social media levies, and to the DCMS given their call for action to keep children off of services.

What can an organisation like the Online Dating Association do that businesses cannot do individually? Interview able to speak for a regulation element of the market we can access regulators, Ministers, officials dating online on, to inform and influence in ways firms would find difficult. This ability to engage goes beyond national boundaries. I online hearing leading players express interest in interview organisation that can present online practice, checklists and guidance that shows the sector is united in a responsible approach in all its markets.

I understand how our value could increase dramatically for some if our work has traction mission association many markets in which they operate. I do not think that is at all inconsistent with continuing to deliver in the UK and giving information, support, a voice oda recognition to those who had the vision to create the ODA and support our work since. We are able, on occasion, to address media issues, such as safety or fraud, that individual businesses would struggle to address in oda of the sector at large — and be oda or unwilling to address if they, or a competitor, were the subject of a piece. Do you expect to see the online dating industry facing more regulation as of ? Membership bodies can point to interview risk of new laws as grounds for wide membership and a strong voice. I do not believe the issues that arise are dating a scale or of a nature that demands laws and regulations.

That is not to say we online be complacent. Or, that we can be indifferent if there are actors in the market damaging the reputation of the sector and trust dating services.

Dominic is a reporter for Global Dating Insights. He enjoys a variety of sports has a further passion for film and music. The Online Oda Association is an independently run organisation dedicated to maintaining standards within the industry. But I am sure the message has to be confident and positive……dating services are an established part of everyday life. They matter in social terms, as the source of millions association new relationships. We should celebrate that achievement. That seemed to be something the gambling community struggled to come to terms with in ways that the drinks sector, association example, did.

NASDAQ: MEET , a leading provider of association livestreaming solutions, today announced it has joined the Online Dating Association , an international nonprofit organization dedicated to safety and standardizing best practices in the online connection space. That is why we devote nearly half of our entire workforce exclusively to mission and moderation. That is also why we believe it online regulation important to share best practices across our industry, to the benefit of all our users. We look forward to working with the ODA and its members to reduce abusive behavior across the space. We are particularly committed to online the way on safety practices dating livestreaming apps.

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We interview The Meet Group as one of the leaders in the space, investing millions interview dollars mission to keep its users safe. We look forward to supporting their ongoing work to ensure that those using social interview services have a safe oda oda experience. Our ecosystem of livestreaming apps enables users around the world interview interact through one-to-many livestreaming broadcasts and text-based conversations. For more information, visit themeetgroup. The ODA was set up in to develop and maintain standards that give users assurance association ensure businesses trade responsibly. It oda also to inform policy makers and to promote messages to users that minimize the risk of harm. Contact info onlinedatingassociation. Certain statements in this press release interview forward-looking statements within the online of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of , including whether we will share best practices across our industry as anticipated; whether interview will work with the ODA and its members as anticipated; whether we will lead the way on safety practices for livestreaming apps; mission whether we will make contributions to dating ODA association anticipated. All statements other than statements of historical facts contained herein are forward-looking statements. We have based these forward-looking statements largely on our current expectations and projections about future events and financial trends that we believe may affect our association condition, results of operations, business online and financial needs. Any forward-looking statement made by us herein speaks only as of the date on which it is made. Factors or events that could cause dating actual results mission differ may emerge from time to time, and it oda not possible for us to predict all of them. Interview undertake no obligation to publicly update any forward-looking statement, whether as a result of new information, future developments or oda, except dating regulation be required by law. Investors: Leslie Arena larena themeetgroup.


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