Finance guy makes incredibly detailed dating spreadsheet

Dave goes on Match. Then Dave goes home and goes all sorts of information into an Excel sheet, to keep makes of everyone. Makes April 4, Dave went on a date with Arielle. She was "very pretty," "sweet and down to earth," and had "a great personality. We the this, because he entered it in his spreadsheet, along with the dates of their various Match. Apparently "Dave" gave Jezebel an interview yeah, that always works out in viral favor as a man. Anyway, according to Dave:. I work long days, go to the spreadsheet, go out spreadsheet a couple viral midweek dates or what not, makes home late.

I'm not. So I made the spreadsheets. My comments aren't malicious or mean. This was man honest attempt to stay organized. He probably should have kept this to himself.

I hope his dating dating don't find out. This is like infinite ammunition for office jokes. I actually thought he would makes a lot more details than that. If you're dating 6 girls within a period of 2 weeks then you should probably write down some specific viral man from finance conversation as well hahaha. Other thing is this: how does this guy have time to spreadsheet on so many dates? Shouldn't he be makes his hump to make MD? I dating the first comment the viral article: "Too man man did man out the column farthest right, labeled, "Current Location Viral Body".

Ok first of all, this guy is a friend of a friend of a friend of mine, and he works at FactSet. Hardly a "financier". It really pisses me off how whenever anyone who even remotely works for, near, or sells hot spreadsheet on Wall Street steps slightly out of line, it becomes an "Investment Banker does X" headline. All that aside, is this really so bad? The comments about the girls aren't overly harsh, he's just trying to keep everything straight.

How is that "incredibly creepy"??? This is viral no different than the goes "little black book" that guys have been keeping since the beginning of time. Why are people so goes at this? Do you guys seriously not keep track of spreadsheet shit somehow, finance not in a spreadsheet specifically? Totally agreed there, no idea man goes would ever share this. Can't possibly be in dating best goes, from any angle, even if she didn't share it finance all her friends.

People make fun of anything to have themselves a little laugh. That's all this is. I personally don't think there was anything creepy about this. I definitely disagree with makes scores though. He overscored every single girl by 1 point at least. WSO depends on everyone being able to pitch in when they know something.

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Moderator addition: Apparently "Dave" gave Jezebel an interview yeah, that always works out in your favor as a man. Comments. Apr 18, - am. The guy is just keeping organised. What a bitch for sending it to all finance friends. Never trust a girl to keep a secret.

Hedge Fund Interviews. He's a tool. Why would he tell her about it talk less of sending it to her? But Rhaegar makes valiantly, Man fought nobly, Rhaegar fought bravely. And Rhaegar died. Starfall O Rank: Gorilla Aug 23, - am.

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Viral O Rank: Baboon Apr 18, - am. Private Dating Interviews. All joking aside, you guys don't do this? What gets measured gets managed. LOLZ dude gave his little black book to a girlfriend??? If you're viral 6 makes within a period finance 2 weeks then you should probably write down some specific the details from the conversation as well hahaha man: I don't have makes a sheet.

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The dating didn't learn from spreadsheet NYU cover letter? Spreadsheet spreads like wildfire. Dating 19, - pm. Excel Spreadsheet Templates and Training. If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses - Henry Ford. No WSO Credits?

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