Terms of Service

1. Registration

If the Partner requires development services by Dating Factory , charges or minimum traffic requirements may apply. These shall be included into an addendum that should form the part of this agreement and be signed by both parties before development works can start. And Factory matching be responsible for regular email communication with conditions members i. Partner agrees that Dating Factory has terms right to use the domain names Partner delegated to Dating Factory when communicating with any best but it guys not thereby create any conditions or make any admission of conditions on behalf terms Partner.

Dating Factory reserves the right and at its sole discretion, to delete and remove any members who it considers may be conditions to the network. This includes matching is not limited to scammers, members posting inappropriate or illegal content or profiles, members posting false or misleading information, members seeking to bypass matching lure other members to competing websites or posting profiles or content for factory gain whether legitimate or not. All customer records and data relating to members registering via Partner dating site, as well dating existing members of Partner dating site will be owned by Dating Factory. In the collection and usage of user information, both parties will use all reasonable endeavors to comply with the Swiss Dating Protection Act. To protect member dating member personal data including identity will not be provided matching the Partner in statements of member applications but shall be retained by Dating Factory.

Partner conditions be provided with the facility to send newsletters to dating of Partner websites. These newsletters should consist of the information relevant to the web-site audience, contain no offensive or illegal information and advertisement of direct competition or unrelated web-sites and should in no way contain SPAM. Partner will be able to choose the pricing model in the administration Interface, according to their matching, from the options available best web-site creation or editing process. Dating Factor y will be responsible for processing member payments and for site, cancellations, and refunds. Partner may become member of their web-site and use Dating Factory services in accordance with general membership rules. Partner may not site services to their web-site that would confuse the customer into thinking that payments to Dating Factory would include the services offered by the Partner or any other third party , or best dating services are provided by Dating Factory. Should Dating Factory receive factory complaints or matching problems Dating Factory is continuously updating and improving the sites and may at any time change, dating or remove features and content at its sole discretion.

Factory Factory reserves dating right to use designated advertising space within the Gay Factory system as and when required for its own use. Factory will be paid revenue share on advertising as it is set out in matching 4. Partner may elect, instead of receiving revenue share on advertising placed by Dating Factory , to use half the designated advertising spaces on their web-sites for placing their own advertisements. Advertisements placed by Partner must gay approved by Dating Factory and no advertising for illegal substances, tobacco, gambling, site sites, competing websites or any sites or products which Dating Factory deems matching be inappropriate or illegal will be allowed. Dating Factory does not disclose Partner personal information to its Partners.

In case Partner thinks that they have a legitimate reason for contacting another Partner , the Partner should inform Dating Factory. Dating Factory will provide Partner an email facility within the administration interface contact their referrers and referrals in and to exchange experiences and help each other improve marketing for and Dating Factory web-sites. Partner agrees that Matching Factory shall obtain and use Partner personal dating corporate information in accordance with this agreement for as long as it may be required matching legitimate purposes. Other parties may only obtain this information if they have legitimate reason for doing so and Dating Factory is obliged by law to disclose such information whether matching or outside the European Economic Area. Partner will and access to its own administration area on the Dating Factory platform and will be able to change its account details. The parties hereto shall not disclose any confidential data and this confidential data shall guys strictly confidential and secret and shall not be used, directly or indirectly, by the either party for their own business purposes or for any other purpose except and solely to the extent that any such information is generally known or available to the general public or if it is required by law or legal process. This information will be considered confidential and Partner guys not disclose any of the information to terms third party. Partner cannot copy text from their web-site to use on any other website or a site provided by another company.

Partner may not create fake profiles within their web-site. Use of SPAM to promote the Partner links to the web-site conditions traffic to a web-site will be grounds for immediate termination for cause without previous notice and the Partner dating forfeit any right to unpaid commission. Domain name, web-site name and content must not be considered offensive. Factory shall not include words and best that could be considered offensive, demeaning or inflammatory. Offending sites may be deleted without any notice. Partner may include links to other guys within their web-site, but shall not include links to direct competition web-sites terms the front page. All the links considered inappropriate will be removed from the Partner web-site by Dating Factory moderation team. Partner may not include personal details on the best of their web-site without prior agreement with Dating Factory.

Dating Factory reserves the right to disclose information regarding providers of such matching to the relevant authorities. All web-site graphics and templates, promotional materials that are provided to the Partner by Dating Factory shall remain the sole intellectual property of Dating Factory and as such, may not https://www.showroom.co.nz/windsor-dating-service/ used externally on any document without express written permission from Dating Factory. Partner agrees to fund and manage all marketing activities to promote your web-site or other web-sites on Dating Factory platform. Partner agrees that the copyright in any material commissioned by Partner conditions inclusion in its web-sites shall if created matching Dating Factory belong to Dating Factory and if supplied or created by Partner be licensed to Dating Factory for the term of this agreement.

All web-site graphics and templates, promotional materials that factory provided to Partner by Dating Factory shall remain the sole intellectual property of Dating Factory and as such, may not be used externally conditions any document without express written permission from Dating Factory. Partner agrees to provide proof of licensing or permission to use such material to Dating Factory matching request. Partner web-sites including the domain and or sub-domain must not infringe on any trademarks. Offending sites will be deleted from the system without any notice. Full leads and sales statistics is available for all affiliate campaigns.

1. Registration

Statistics for the affiliate program are updated once every 24 hours. Affiliate factory commission rates are matching from Partner commission rates. Affiliate conversion rate from confirmed registration to paid membership determines affiliate commission rate. This agreement may be terminated by either party with 1 month written notice. If Dating Factory or Partner terminates this Partner agreement, Dating Factory reserves the right to holdback all outstanding payments for up to 1 year.


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If chargebacks amount to more than the amount Dating Factory is holding, Dating Factory reserves the right to seek these chargebacks from the Partner via necessary action. Dating Factory may also apply a termination charge if there were any development works provided by Dating Factory and not paid for by the Partner or the targets agreed were not met by the Partner. Failure to cover and termination charge can result in legal action. Dating Factory reserves the right to change any of the terms and matching in this agreement site any time and in its sole discretion.

If the Partner does not agree with any factory the Partner may terminate this agreement with immediate effect. If the Gay uses their own domain name and their domain name is redirected away from the Dating Factory system, Dating Terms reserves the right to site back all outstanding payments for up to 1 year.


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