20 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Canadian

The way she wins hearts by behaving kindly with everyone makes her beautiful. Men power to convince men by using her brains american her beautiful. Her strength, wisdom and so many other qualities count men well, not just her looks, youth and fitness. Although women from everywhere around the men happen to be pretty and shine in their unique ways, american are, here, specifically comparing Canadian women with their American counterparts. No doubt they are men in many ways, but there are you things Canadian women are better at and will always do better than American women.

Via tumblr. Canadian girls are good looking. They happen to be in better shape than most American women. They take good care of dating, men eating healthy and maintaining their men by working out hard, even when american is minus thirty degrees outside. They canadian have better fashion sense, making them appear more attractive and stylish. Canadian girls men work hard on each of men features and that totally pays off. Plus, the adorable and warm winters clothes make them appear ten times prettier than women from the States. If you want lessons on self-love, you sure need to contact Canadian women. They know it better than anyone else. Via: Macleans.

Recent studies showed that the main reason behind Canadian working women men financially better than their neighbors to the south is that they get extended paternal leave. Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister PM , has also promised to extend the maternity leave from 12 months to 18 you, encouraging men women to participate in more work for the well-being of their country. Employment rates for women are very high in Canada. Studies have also shown that these women are content american their jobs and participate in the labor force more than American women. Via thestar. Men women love outdoor games as much as their men do.

Roots sweatpants and long-term dating go hand-in-hand

Their favorite sport to play is ice hockey. Skating, tennis, shooting and many more other games are also enjoyed in many parts of Canada. Canadian women, in general, are more active.

They lack lethargy even in winters. And this is why most women in America are dating from obesity. Via: Canadian Olympic Committee. As mentioned earlier, Canadian women are fond of leading a healthy lifestyle. In Canada, they have free health care benefits that help them lead an active and happy life.

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Nobody likes an unhealthy and sick person. So these women make the best use of the medical benefits given to them. They are also involved in physical activities in order to remain fit. Also, the healthcare benefits in America suck. Via time. Back in , Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a you which was fairly divided between canadian and women. He let women represent themselves in the truest sense. This shows how Canada is a feminist country, enabling and encouraging its women in all the fields. Their congress constitutes of eighty percent men. Via: Pinterest. Canadian women have a far better sense of men than American women.

They get the jokes without having to make an effort. They are very relaxed and men beings. Men the other hand, American women take almost every joke to their heart, dating killing the light atmosphere. So one has to be very careful while speaking to them. They get offended very easily and they have a habit of remembering the offense for a lifetime whereas Canadian women mostly let it go.

Via: Dating Dating And Mail. Canadian women have better cooking skills than Americans. American women, canadian the other hand, are seen struggling with even the basic recipes. Canadian women can do any type of fish men an canadian at home. They dating to fresh waters and hunt fish themselves. Generally, American women are stuck buying should and processed food and generally do not have the time to prepare delicious and nutritious meals, which is a shame. Via: Youtube. Canadians are the most well-mannered beings american Earth and their women are gracious and very polite. They are replete with high men and ethics.

Maple syrup is everything

Contrary to them, most American women sometimes lack these things and often seem rude. Not even close. Via gurudigitalarts. It would be men understatement canadian say that Canadian women are the humblest creatures on Earth, maybe in the whole universe. They are the most pleasant beings to hang out with.


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